If you are located in Huntsville, you know that this is an exciting time for our city’s financial growth:
- Over $100 billion of the federal budget is managed in Huntsville each year.
- Our Biotech community, led by HudsonAlpha, continues to change the way the world sees medicine, and is another pioneering launchpad for Huntsville… this time in genomic science.
- Our DoD-centric Research Park, located in the heart of Huntsville, is the largest in the nation.
- Huntsville’s academic, non-profit, government, industry, and military enterprise are an interdependent network of transforming innovation in every sector.

Huntsville is aiming for Mars, leading the nation in cybersecurity, saving lives through genomic research, building a substantial presence for the FBI, leading the development of hypersonic and directed energy systems, and rapidly becoming a destination for businesses and their employees. Social media and search engines are building data centers in Huntsville, not to mention a growing list of commercial giants that are now calling Huntsville home.

If you are located in another city, you may have considered doing business in Huntsville. You’ve researched all the reasons why this city would be beneficial for your organization, you’re aware of the opportunities and capable of producing results. You’ve been watching the growth in Huntsville and know that NOW is the time to do business here.

While entering Huntsville’s enterprise could prove lucrative, you need money spent to prove cost-effective, and a timely return on investment. You don’t have boots on the ground in Huntsville and doing so would be a significant expense.

You’ve jumped a lot of hurdles to try and establish a presence here, but there seem to be some hurdles that are harder than others to get over. For instance, you can’t physically be in your current location and Huntsville at the same time, the back & forth travel is exhausting and expensive, and you don’t know all the key players… more importantly, they don’t know you.

You need a bridge connecting you and Huntsville: A business developer that is located within this community, one that has the trust of leaders within the Huntsville enterprise, and knows how to navigate the terrain. You need a business developer that can be your eyes & ears, connect you to the right clients, foster the relationship, and produce results for your business.

Here comes the bridge: Hire a BD that is a full-time resident of Huntsville, is recognized and trusted throughout this city’s enterprise, operates for you on a 1099, successfully navigates this complex environment, and allows your investments to reap timely benefits. Look for a BD that knows the terrain, and can instinctively work on your behalf.

I have worked in NYC and DC within the private sector, and around the world in the military and interagency teams. Working within Huntsville’s diverse & dynamic enterprise, within the past decade, has been incredibly insightful. Our industry, academic, government, non-profit, and military entities are interconnected, and your relationships with these entities cannot surge. They take time. Time that you may not have.

Business is going to happen… make sure it’s happening for you.

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