Business is going to happen, make sure it’s happening for you… share a little of yourself. Folks will dig it!

I’ll go first:

This is William A. C. Blackwell. He was a soldier ordered into the United States Army in the late 1940s as a teenager. William quickly embraced his profession as a soldier and wanted nothing more than to serve his country. He’d finally found a purpose for his life and a way to belong to something bigger than himself. He was serving others, by protecting America’s freedoms.

William went on to serve in the Korean War, and he also did two tours in the Vietnam War. He earned a slew of medals for his efforts, including the Purple Heart. Through his career as a service member, William went on to get married, have two amazing sons, and adopt a baby girl. That kind of leads us to my story: William A. C. Blackwell was my father and that baby girl he adopted and chose to be a daddy to, was me.

My father was in the military for 30 years. He instilled me with love for country, honor, commitment and duty. Not surprisingly, my brothers went on to serve in the U. S. Airforce and in the Army. There seemed to be this pattern of military service in my family… Dad, older brother, oldest brother.

I, too, went on to become an Army Officer and fly an amazing beast called a UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter. The pattern of military service and commitment to service continued when I married my husband of 22 years, an Army Special Forces Officer, TJ. We are not sure if this pattern of military service will continue with our children, but we do know that we have carried on my father’s testimony of love for country, honor, commitment and duty. We are raising citizens with a passion for servant leadership, ensuring that they know that service is the most important thing that they could ever do in life, whether for family, community, or country. Service is not restricted to the military. Service is what you do for others without expectation. Service is your way of making a difference.

My commitment to serve has been populated with experiences within the military, academics, government, industry, and non-profits. I have donned a lot of hats, but the constants include being a chaser of greatness and an enthusiastic difference-maker.

Allow THE COMPANY to make a difference for yours.

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