All too often, introductions are given, connections are made, and business cards exchanged… but what happens next? There may be an obvious reason for two entities to conduct business, but that is not nearly enough. Business Development is about relationships. You’ve heard that before, have you? Well, it is truer than ever before. Of course, as a Business Developer you must have competence and character. That is a given. But never underestimate this fact: People want to do business with folks that they actually like!

Do your Business Developers have genuine relationships within the community?
Symbiotic relationships – they don’t just exist in nature. A Business Developer should not care only for their success within a business endeavor, but for the success of all entities tied to the endeavor. The old adage of the ‘rising tide lifting all ships’ should be adhered to. Look around this amazing community that we call Huntsville… with every victory, gain, achievement and success of each and every person and company, our entire city is elevated. Your Business Developer should be on the frontlines of this town’s success. To do that, he/she must have established relationships with proven performance.

Can your Business Developer manage expectations between entities and ensure the trust of all involved?
Marriages, friendships, and genuine relationships are based on trust. Without it, many would argue that you have nothing. When organizations decide to collaborate, they are in many ways marrying ideas, resources, and proprietary knowledge. Sure, non-disclosures are signed and legal documentation ensures that we are all protected, but so much more is achieved when there is a genuine level of trust. Your Business Developer should be a trusted and respected member of this community’s professional circle.

Is your Business Developer a Disruptor AND Connector?
Is it possible to be both? Absolutely! A ‘disruptor’ switches things up, thrives on changing antiquated processes, thinks outside of the norm, makes no apologies for necessary disruption, and can do so because of proven past successes. A ‘connector’ realizes who is in the room, who in the room needs to meet, who should be in the room, and exactly how to cultivate these new relationships. The tremendously successful Business Developer can disrupt the environment towards necessary change while making connections for all entities involved.

Does your Business Developer join professional organizations (Boards, Chambers, Rotaries, etc)? And are they actively engaged in them?
It is not enough to just attend and be seen at professional groups and gatherings. Folks want to see your Business Developer’s work ethic as it relates to their causes and concerns. The professional organizations that your Business Developer joins have requirements, time commitments, and monetary dues. It is their duty as a member to meet these obligations to the organization, but it is the reputation of your organization as a contributor and team player that can be damaged if your Business Developer is participating in these organizations through name only. Many of these professional organizations can also serve as phenomenal networking groups. What a great opportunity to meet future business partners, impress them with your company’s work ethic & ingenuity towards a mutual cause, and do wonderful good for our community. Don’t allow your Business Developer to just be present. Ensure that they will be active.

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